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Choral Workshops Session 1 (11:00am - 12:30pm)

Booking the Job: Exploring the Audition (11:00)
Presenter - Michael Popovsky

This session will allow you to come face to face with the audition process and what happens 'inside the room'. We will explore what makes an effective audition from a vocal and character point of view. Up to 6 participants will have the opportunity to work with Michael on their audition cuts.

Youth in Harmony - Acappella Singing, Barbershop Style, for the Next Generation (11:00)

Presenter: Lori Jo Whitehaus

Both the Barbershop Harmony Society and Sweet Adelines International offer a multitude of resources to teach the next generation all about singing in the barbershop style. From free music to local workshops, find out what is available to you from these non-profit organizations.
Target Audience: Educators, Choir Directors, Youth
Explore Your Artistry, Release Your Voice: Flexibility and Freedom in Singing (11:00)
Presenter: Jeffrey Gemmell

This session will explore the mind-body-spirit connection through healthy singing technique and kinesthetics to create beautiful choral music. A variety of vocalises will be explored, as well as stimulating songs to inspire your musical imagination. Come ready to sing, move, express yourself . . . and have fun . . . all at the same time!

Choral Workshops Session 2 (1:00pm - 2:30pm)

You the singer: Understanding, Freeing and Strengthening your own instrument. (1:00)
Presenter: Michael Popovsky

This session will focus on contemporary understandings of the voice, how it functions and, most importantly, how to apply these understandings to help you use your voice in the most efficient and flexible way possible IN ANY GENRE!  We will dispel common vocal myths while exploring a variety of different sounds. Come ready to explore your voice!


Ready, Set, SING - Acappella Singing, Barbershop Style, for men and women (1:00)

Presenter: Lori Jo Whitehaus

Singing is FUN and the challenge of singing acappella in the barbershop style brings great joy to both the singer and listener.  Learn how to sing the unique harmonies of this American art-form with Lori Jo Whitehaus, Master Director of the Red Rose City and Red Rose barbershop choruses.

Target Audience:  Singers (men and women of all ages)


Introduction to Sacred Harp Shape Note Singing (1:00)
Presenter: Sasha Hsuczyk

The Sacred Harp, continuously in print since 1844, is the backbone of one of America's oldest, most vital, and soul-stirring musical traditions.  You have to sing it to believe it!  Join shape note singing teacher Sasha Hsuczyk for an opportunity to learn the tools for how to sing out of the Sacred Harp.   Don't be intimidated by the shape note system; it was designed to make sight-singing easier - and once you understand it, you will find this to be true!  Even if you cannot read music at all, you can sing this music.  Each pitch of a scale is assigned a shape.  This way of reading and writing music allows people little musical training to be able to sing complex arrangements featuring four-part harmonies in a relatively short amount of time.  We will cover the fundamentals of how to sing using the shape note system, and we will build on that foundation with information about the history of the Sacred Harp through stories and anecdotes.  We will do lots of singing from the beginning to the end of the class!  There is a huge resurgence of interest in this wonderful music, and active groups are singing together across the country and the world.


About The Presenters:

Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell - conducts three choirs and teaches The Art of Choral Techniques at Millersville University. He is also the Director of Music Ministries (organist and choir director) at Lititz Moravian Congregation and a member of the Mennonite Children’s Choir of Lancaster Advisory Board. See MU choral performance postings on his blog ( for an idea of what to expect!!


Lori Jo Whitehaus has been involved with barbershop singing for 39 years and has been the musical director for the past 23 years.  She is the choral director of both the Red Rose City Chorus, Sweet Adelines International and the Red Rose Chorus, Barbershop Harmony Society.  These choruses are both award-winning ensembles based in Lancaster County.  In the 2016 Regional Competition, Whitehaus earned the title Master Director when the women's chorus scored over 600 points and became 1st place in the Mid-Size Chorus division.


Sasha Hsuczyk attended the University of Limerick's undergraduate program in traditional Irish music, where she studied the fiddle. It was there in the traditional music section of the library that she discovered a copy of the Sacred Harp shape note tunebook. She completed her undergraduate degree in Western Massachusetts at Hampshire College, earning a certificate in ethnomusicology.  She has taught Sacred Harp workshops (or "singing schools") in many parts of the east coast, including a recent week-long series at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, MA.  This past summer she spent time living in small-town Georgia where she worked at the Sacred Harp Publishing Company headquarters and museum. She resides in Pennsylvania, where she splits her time between Philadelphia and rural Berks County, working as a vegetable farmer and musician.


Michael Popovsky is a New York based professional performer, voice instructor, director and the owner of Popovsky Performing Arts Studio in Lancaster, Pa. As a cross over artist, favorite roles include Gugliemo (Cosi fan Tutte), Anatoly (Chess), Man #2 (My Way: a Tribute to Frank Sinatra) and Baritone Soloist (Handel's Messiah). His students have enjoyed great success at top collegiate programs and  professional, community and scholastic theaters.  He is excited to bring his experience and passion to the 2017 Festival of Voices.