2019 Community Choral Workshop Registration

The 2019 Lancaster Festival is proud to offer two Choral workshops as part of this year's events. Like the other events as part of FOV, these community workshops are FREE and OPEN to the public. Just be sure to register below!


Adding Depth, Expression, and Meaning to your performance - Workshop Time: 2:00 - 3:00PM

This workshop will focus on various techniques to add depth, expression, and meaning to your choral performance. Jay Butterfield  is a Lancaster School District administrator, longtime professional musician, choral clinician, and the co-director of the very successful Hershey-based acapella group Parkside Harmony.  He will work with an ensemble in a master class format. coaching the group, with a focus on expression and adding depth and meaning to the performance. Other singers and choral directors are welcome to observe the class and thus also benefit from the coaching.


Singing for Healing - Workshop Time: 3:15 - 4:15PM

This workshop will look at different ways of using the voice specifically for healing. We will explore the use of toning, humming, chanting, frame drum voice and improvisational singing through the language of light.  The instructor will share some interesting case histories of using voice with her clients in healing sessions.

Lana Ryder, LMT, AADP, HTA

Licensed Massage, Energy, Sound Therapist